Teaching Practice


Sometimes registered doctors who have had extensive hospital experience and who hope to enter general practice will be invited to join the practice for six months or a year to gain insight into the problems with which we deal. The receptionist will tell you who they are when you book an appointment with them.

They are fully trained, capable doctors who bring their own wealth of experience to the practice and remain under our supervision. Please accept them as one of us.

Medical Students

The practice is one of 59 in Birmingham and its environs chosen by the University of Birmingham to teach medical students. As part of a radical change in the training of doctors, students now come into general practices from the third week of their course. On the days that students are in the practice there may be one or two sitting in with the doctor you are seeing. If this is so, the receptionist will ask whether you are happy with this arrangement. Please say if you are not. Whilst we are very pleased to be involved in student teaching we do not want any of our patients to feel uncomfortable about the arrangement. Your care will not be affected if you say you would rather the student(s) did not sit in on your consultation. We also ask patients with specific problems to come and talk to the students at greater length so that the students can understand what it is like to live with an illness or disability.

We are very grateful to our patients for helping us educate the next generation of doctors.